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Ads for Sustainability


How do I post my environmental product/service/solution?

You can post an ad by creating an account profile on our platform site. Simply click on "PUBLISH NEW" and follow the instructions. SUPPLYgoGREEN is designed to be user-friendly, offering you total control over your content. You can easily insert, edit, save favorites, check visitors, message prospective leads, and delete your ad anytime.

How can I edit my post?
Please log in to your account, then you can edit your ad(s). How soon does my posting expire? The expiration depends on the plan you have chosen. Please check out our pricing plans. Typically, ads are online for a minimum of 12 months. Before it expires, we will notify you and offer the option to renew it.

How can I delete my ad?
Using your profile account, you can delete your ad anytime from your account homepage. However, we do not offer any part-time online commercial plans. We offer two options: 12 months or 24 months once it is published. WE DO NOT REFUND ANY AD ONCE IT WAS PUBLISHED ONLINE (but you can delete it anytime).

How do I repost my posting?
Our platform will send instructions and contact you automatically to repost. This option is recommended because your ad retains its viewing statistics.

How often can I post an ad?
You can post an ad anytime. Once you have your profile account, you are able to insert as many ads as you wish. We do not publicly offer any price campaigns for bundle ads. Please contact us at info(at) for more information.

Can I post my ad anonymously?
No. Our administration team controls and approves each inserted ad before publishing it to prevent spam, prohibited items, false profiles, and false ads. If something is amiss, we will promptly delete the respective ad. Can I add pictures and images to my ad? Yes. You can upload up to 5 images/photos, including your logo. Each image/photo can be a maximum of 1MB. Acceptable formats include .png, .jpg, and .gif.

Can I use HTML tags or URLs in my ads?
Yes. You can use HTML tags and URLs, and you have the option to link them while inserting them.

What kind of ads are prohibited?
Please consult our Terms and Conditions of Use. For your reference, there is also a non-comprehensive list of prohibited items.

Can I report an ad as inappropriate? 
Yes. By clicking the "REPORT THIS AD" button, the platform will redirect you to our contact page, where the subject and message are already filled with the necessary text. An email will be sent to the administrator of SUPPLYgoGREEN for review.

Can I insert a link in my ad pointing to an auction site like eBay or any other?
No. Please post a set price, do not solicit bidding, and do not link to auctions elsewhere.

Last Update: March, 2024