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Why Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows and doors have become increasingly popular for both commercial and residential buildings. Aluminium window frames can be made to match almost any color and home style. They can also be made in a range of different configurations including casement windows, double-hung windows, sliding windows/doors, awning windows, fixed windows, and lift and slide doors. Here are some reasons why you should choose aluminium.

Aluminium windows come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are easily customizable to suit your desired specification. Zeroing in on the right aluminium window frame, design and style can be a tricky task.

Aluminum sliding windows and aluminium casement windows are a go-to choice. They are both an excellent option for your home or office. They both provide high-performance functionality on the basis of energy efficiency, aesthetic appeal, ventilation, safety and durability. However, they both provide certain different kinds of benefits, which we shall get into further.

Why Aluminium?

Also known as the green metal – Aluminium, today, is being heavily used in most manufacturing industries for its environment-friendly properties and its high durability and strength. Whether it be a new space or renovation of an old one, aluminium window frames are an excellent choice for every home or office or any other space. It is corrosion-resistant, highly malleable, lightweight, and yet as strong as steel. Aluminum windows come with slim frames that make them aesthetically pleasing and also highly functional. Aluminium windows and doors are extremely high-performance and easy on maintenance.


Aluminium windows are far less prone to warping; they are weather-proof, corrosion-resistant and immune to the harmful effects of UV rays, ensuring optimal performance with a long lifespan. Their strong window frames will last longer than wood and vinyl frames.

Variety of Color Options

Aluminium windows can be powder coated or anodized in thousands of colors. The only limitation in color is your imagination.

Energy Efficient

Because aluminium is light, malleable and easy to work with, window manufacturers are able to produce window frames that offer high levels of wind, water, and air-tightness, which means exceptional energy efficiency.

Cost efficient

Aluminium windows are far less expensive than wood frames. They do not leak; therefore, they can save a ton of money on energy bills.

Low Maintenance

As opposed to wood, aluminium does not warp or decay. Additionally, paint touchups are not needed. Aluminium is strong enough to bear the load of window lintels with minimal reinforcement. Aluminium windows are virtually maintenance free.

Better Operability

Aluminium is a durable substance and will keep its shape over time. Therefore, aluminium windows and doors will continue to open and slide smoothly over the years.

Noise Proof

Aluminium windows are much better at stopping noise than vinyl windows. Since they are three times heavier and many times stronger than Vinyl. Also, aluminium windows are best when you're opting for the soundless feature due to the fact that they can support heavier glazing than other solutions.

Safety Features

The linkage hardware around the window sash and the handle operating make the window have excellent safety and security. Also, aluminium windows are highly resistant to forced entry and have high-quality multipoint locking mechanisms, which makes it impossible for people to break-in.

Whether you own a commercial or residential presence in Orchard Road, East Coast, Bedok or any other thriving area of Singapore, you would probably want a deeper insight into the pros and cons connected with an aluminium casement window. Here we discuss some of the important benefits as well as disadvantages of installing aluminium casement windows in your environment. Take a look.

Advantages of Aluminium Casement Windows

They are versatile, attractive, come in a variety of custom and pre-set designs and shapes and can be painted in just about any color. Appropriate for your posh homes and office spaces alike, these aluminium casement windows are durable, effective in keeping out sound and air pollution and boast of great strength. They are easy-to-maintain and clean and are quite resistant to cracks, dents and breaks. They also prove to be the perfect choice for Singapore’s mild climate.

Aluminium is a strong metal and proves to be tougher than vinyl, wood, plastic or other fabricated materials used for manufacturing casement windows. Once fitted in the correct manner to a framework, these windows are long lasting and tough to dislodge or loosen.

Aluminium windows are not as expensive as their wooden counterparts. They are available in the middle of the cost spectrum and are quite similar to the upper/mid price ranged vinyl windows—as far as the initial cost is concerned.

An aluminum casement window requires negligible or nil maintenance on a day-to-day basis. It is highly resistant to splitting, cracking, rust or shrinking. These naturally durable windows never rust, rot, flake or peel off. You can choose from a range of self cleaning glasses to make your maintenance tasks easier.

Colors and Variety
Aluminium casement windows are usually available in a myriad range of sizes and colors. They can be purchased various metallic or anodized tints. You can also choose dual colored aluminium frames– wherein you get a white look inside with a black coat on the outside. Their color matched aluminium handles and trims also come in various glazing options, such as Georgian bars. These windows are quite appealing and enhance the aesthetics of your interior space—in more ways than one.

Market Share
Overall, aluminium windows are nice looking and boast of a large share in the commercial as well as residential markets. Their durability and other benefits make them the first option for architects, interior designers and homemakers alike. However, in comparison to vinyl windows, they sport a more industrial /commercial look– rather than a residential one.

Reduction of Noise
Aluminium casement windows weigh more and contain more mass than materials like vinyl and plastic. As a result, they are more equipped to keep out external noise from the interiors of your home or offices. These windows usually contain 20mm Argon-filled gaps with double draft-resistant seals as well as double rebated designs. They come with double glazing to make your environment quieter

Casement windows from reputed companies come packaged with a smart steel locking mechanism. These multi-point bi-directional locks ensure the highest standards of security and are usually beaded from the inside—to ensure that the encased glass is not easily removed from the outside.

An aluminium casement window is specifically designed to prevent any heat transfer via the frame. It comes insulated with a Polyamide core and is usually combined with Argon filed gaps to minimize the loss of heat. It boasts of a B-Rating for general thermal performance.

Peace of mind
Reputed manufacturers or aluminium casement windows usually provide a long term guarantee against discoloration of your aluminium profile and ensure the least condensation and fogging in the sealed units. This helps in providing greater peace of mind and makes your investments reap higher value for money. In a nutshell, these casement windows are exciting, classy, practical, affordable and versatile. However, they come with their own set of disadvantages. Take a quick peep into the one that matter most.

Heat Conductors
Aluminum casement windows have a large drawback — they are very good conductors of cold and heat and therefore provide poor energy efficiency. As a result of this disadvantage, more energy is wasted by air-conditioning and heating systems; to maintain the desired temperature in an environment enclosed by aluminium windows. However, builders sacrifice the linked heat loss/gain for the durability and strength provided by aluminium frameworks—especially for larger sized window openings.

Aluminium Sliding Windows

Aluminium sliding windows aren’t attached with a hinge, instead they move sideways. They are an ideal option where space is a constraint. They are very easy to operate as they come with two sashes and rollers at the bottom, giving you smooth side movements.

Features of aluminium sliding windows:

Easy to open and far simpler to operate as the sash movement also ensures better ventilation

Secure locking system

Noise, dust, heat, and pollution resistant

Available in a range of designs and colors

Sliding windows are best suited for wide openings

Lightweight yet strong and durable

Slim yet sturdy frames

Whether you are looking for sliding windows or casement windows, Alteza has you covered. Alteza aluminium window and door frames are made from high quality raw materials that make them strong and resistant to cracking, warping, swelling or fading, giving you a window that lasts for years to come with minimal maintenance. Alteza gives you the option to customize your aluminium casement windows and sliding windows in a way that perfectly suits your desired aesthetic. From size and colour to glass and glazing, everything can be fully customized to suit your specific needs.