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Amazing Ways to Use A Wooden Serving Tray

Serving trays are handy items to have around the home, and a good-quality wooden serving tray ranks above all others. While a serving tray can serve many purposes, it is one of the most preferred home décor items for your personal as well as entertaining needs.

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, such as decorative round trays, wooden tray sets are a great investment as they make it easy to carry things around the home, serve food and drinks and use as a base for placing your décor items – a flower vase, terracotta figurines and even your green pots on a side table or a centre table.


No matter what you decide to do with a serving tray, one thing is for sure – serving platters are a great addition to your kitchen, dining space and even the bedroom.


Think about breakfast in bed, and the first thing that comes to mind is a charming and decorate serving tray to hold your glass of fresh juice, a plate of sandwiches, and a bowl of corn flakes.

On days when you are entertaining house guests in your garden, you can use decorative snacks serving tray to serve them tea/coffee and biscuits. Your guests will love your hospitality as well as compliment you on your exceptional taste in home décor.



A decorative wooden tray is an excellent purchase for placing condiments on your dining table. Take a look at our Handcrafted Decorative Wooden Tray with Kulhads that is great for serving tea/coffee. The beautiful Warli art adds to the tray's appeal and celebrates India's local art.

Having evening tea in the living room with family and friends becomes even more special when you enjoy tasty snacks served in an eye-catching snacks tray. Our boat-shaped Sheesham wood handmade wooden tray with two ceramic bowls is a must-buy.

Sometimes all you want to do is enjoy the pleasant weather, sipping tea and snacks from the comforts of your balcony or kitchen garden. Our Warli art Decorative Wooden tray set comes in handy here. Available in big and small sizes, the wooden trays with handles are just right for serving cups of tea/coffee, biscuits and tasty refreshments.

Beautiful décor items can brighten up your home, especially when they are placed on cozy side tables. And to make the display even more attractive, you can use a lavish and lustrous antique oval-shaped wooden tray as a base. Artysta Gallery's Teak and Pine wood oval tray with a gorgeous peacock design stands out for its shiny buffed polish and antique handles. You can even display your small indoor plants on it.

Serving trays are undoubtedly one of the hardest working tableware you can have in your kitchen. But how often do we actually talk about them? Let alone think about investing in a nice collection. More often than not, we do not think much when it comes to the selection of serving trays to buy. Besides serving a myriad of purposes beyond transferring foods from one room to another, they also add to the décor and theme of your dining table.

Whether you love to host tea parties and lunches or stay as a loner, a serving tray is of immense importance. There is no limit to things you can serve to your guests in a tray and there is no one size fits all when it comes to the serving tray to buy.

While some serving trays are ideal for sharing a specific portion size of food, others allow you to carry your crockery and cutlery from kitchen to serving area.

Types of serving trays to buy

There is a wide variety of serving trays available in the market. 

When it is time to pick a serving tray to buy you can be flooded with a variety in terms of not just material, but also colour, sizes and designing of the tray. Keep in mind what you want to serve, in order to pick the right size and shape. You can visit Ellementry to buy the best ones for you.

What to consider when buying a serving tray?

It is, of course, important to give consideration to the size and material of the serving tray to buy but do not forget to make sure that the tray you pick is good to look at and offers a visual addition to your foods.

You can take things up a notch and match the colour and style of your serving tray with that of the tableware you own. However, neutral trays like those made of wood are great to look at and can complement any table set up.

Websites like Ellementry has a wide selection of wooden food tray to choose from in different shapes, colours and sizes. All these trays come in a collection of matching tableware to choose from to complete the look and are completely handcrafted.

A nice well-sized tray can be kept at your beverage bar with drinks ready to be served. The guests can pick their favourite ones and help themselves while you get to have some free time to enjoy your own party. Having the drinks already placed in the tray can allow you to rotate them once in a while if required and lets you mingle up with the guests.

    Fruit platters

For your next brunch, arrange freshly cut fruits on a wooden platter and be the talk of the town for your plating skills. Rather than placing the fruits in a bowl-like fruit salad, why not create a fruit platter and bring a little bit of style to your table?

    Assortment of cheese

Cheese – who doesn't love it, right? If you are not sure about things that you can serve to your guests in a tray, fret not. A collection of assorted cheese will never disappoint you. Just pick up some gouda, mozzarella and other favourites and place them on a wooden tray. Your guests will adore you!

    How about some breakfast in bed?

Want to make your better half feel special? Planning to start a special occasion on a romantic note? What can be better than a scrumptious breakfast in bed? Just toss some eggs, pancakes and a cup of coffee on a beautiful tray like this shade of breakfast food wooden tray from Ellementry  and thank us later! Keep a small bouquet of flowers along and you will not regret it!


There is no better way to use a tray other than serving your favourite tea. Whether you love a hot creamy masala chai, or you are more of a green tea person, a tray is essential for that perfect serving of tea. A big tray like this silver metal tray with handles from Ellementry can even accommodate some go-to snacks as well.


Like to enjoy a cup of coffee with your partner. Well, you do need a nice tray to pep up your regular coffee drinking experience. A tray allows you to carry more than two coffee mugs along with some snacks at the same time besides adding a little more finesse to your experience.


There is no limit to things that you can serve to your guests in a tray. Whether you are hosting a bunch of kids for a birthday party or your boss and his family are coming for drinks. You will, of course, need a couple of trays and platters to serve snacks or take them from the kitchen to the dining table.

The final word

Serving trays that are good to look at are no doubt versatile and a very useful accessory to have in your kitchen. While such trays come handy to serve food and drinks to your guests, they also make your tea and coffee drinking experience more delightful. Do not forget to complement your cups and trays!

Besides using these trays for serving purposes, you can also invest in some beautiful pieces to add to your home décor. Keep it on your coffee table with a flower vase or a candle to add style to your living room décor. You can even place some trays on the dining table to keep your cutlery sorted or organise your cruet set and other mandates.

What do you think of this article? Is there anything that we missed? What all things do you serve in a tray? We would love to have your feedback! Do let us know your views in comments below! Do not forget to check out our tray collection.

Been a long while since you have added cool new things to your home collection? If the answer is yes, then it's time to change that and get shopping. Change is always good, and quirky new pieces can work instantly to elevate your experience as well as help you make an impression on your guests. So let's start with the basics, such as serving trays. With so many stunning options available - from striking woodwork to contemporary enamel detailing - you will find amazing ways to serve food and beverages, and even use these trays as decor pieces.

Need proof? Take a look at these eight trendy serving trays from Amazon that you will love:

1. Printelligent Khirki Wooden Serving Tray In Block Style

This gorgeous tray from Printelligent is sure to spark up your dining experience. The tray features a fun contemporary design with pretty printed blocks. It is made of fibre frame with acrylic inserts.

This wooden tray from Paper Plane is designed to be large enough to conveniently serve a bunch of things. It can help you carry drinks, hold your favourite books and magazines or prop it on a shelf as a decorative piece.

This multi-coloured wooden coffee tray from ExclusiveLane can be used for serving tea, coffee, breakfast and snacks for dining table and centre table. If you love colours, this is what you need to pick.

This stylish and unique wooden tray can easily become a focal point of the living room. In addition to serving hot beverages and snacks, it is perfect for all occasions.

Add a dash of warmth to your home with this adorable regal elephant round tray from Chumbak. Quaint, colourful and handy, it is perfect for kitty parties to breakfast in bed.

A Nourishing Moment. Handcrafted trays help create meaningful experiences—like enjoying breakfast outside in the sunshine, gathering the things you need to care for someone you love, or holding your most treasured objects. Wood pieces like these need protection from water damage, so use coasters when carrying drinks—or display the trays on their own to enjoy their beauty.

If you want to find wooden trays recommendation, then you've come to the right place. Because, in this article, I will show you the 7 best wooden trays recommendation that you need to check. Let's get started!

This elegant tray is curve-shaped, 16 x 12 x 2 (in), coated in dark brown with cutout grip handles. The decorative tray is very aesthetic for home decor. Why should you buy this tray? Because it is made from a 100% well-managed forest! The wooden tray with handles is an eco-friendly product to keep things clean and tidy!

This wooden tray is uniquely made with many variations of sizes that you can choose based on your needs! It is handmade with materials that contain Baltic Birch Plywood, non-formaldehyde glue, varnished with non-toxic water-based dyes.