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Brazil Simone Horvatin
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Company/Institution/Governance name: ARARA MEDIA PRESS | WASTE EXPO BRASIL

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Contact Email: [email protected]

Telephone or WhatsApp : +4915738098904

WASTE EXPO BRASIL 2024 | October 22nd to 24th, 2024

The Waste Expo Brasil 2024 Fair is the only event in the country fully focused on solid waste, sanitation, and public cleaning. It's a unique opportunity to showcase your brand and products alongside other major industry players.


Transforming solid waste into business and profit remains a distant reality, as does removing hundreds of thousands of scavengers who search landfills for recyclable materials to sell.

The task of turning waste and recyclable materials into clean energy and raw materials, while avoiding damage to nature, our pockets, and public health, lies with public and private managers aiming to implement correct, adequate, and sustainable infrastructure.

However, while the volume of waste increases (in 2014, there were 78 million tons of urban solid waste in the country – 4% more than the previous year), current data indicates that only 40% of the 5,565 municipalities comply with Law 12,305 of 2010, which governs the National Solid Waste Policy (PNRS), to end illegal areas of open-air refuse disposal without underground treatment, which cause contamination of soil, water, and air - the "landfills".

In addition to proper disposal, we still lack adequate waste separation, recycling and reuse, shared responsibility, energy generation from waste, and even, depending on the location, household collection. In other words, waste management in the country has much room to grow. This is especially true considering that there is a National Solid Waste Policy whose enforcement has been postponed, but which will sooner or later come into force. As we navigate through this period of difficulties, the market will demand that we be better prepared to respond to growing demands in size and urgency, as Brazil continues to produce, the population continues to consume, and tons of waste are discarded daily. The return of the economy to levels recorded just a few years ago is a matter of time, and companies that are prepared and have effective solutions for Solid Waste Management will undoubtedly be the first to emerge, gain market share, and grow.


Waste Expo Brasil is the largest commercial event in the sector in the country and a great success that grows year after year by bringing together, on one hand, manufacturers of machinery, vehicles, equipment, implements, suppliers, integrators, and specialized service providers, and on the other hand, extremely qualified and focused visitors, most of whom are large generators, operators, and concessionaires of public cleaning, biomass and sanitation, recyclers, federal agencies and regulatory bodies, municipal public administrators, and engineers. Our goal is to promote broad and easy access to quality information, as well as to present the latest technologies, machinery, and equipment to be applied in the country.


Dumpsters, Containers, and Trash Cans
Bodies and Chassis for Collection Vehicles
Mobile and Stationary Compactors
Computers, Software
Odor Control
Anaerobic Digestion
Collection and Transfer Companies
Recycling Companies
Equipment and Services for Hazardous and Infectious Waste
Logistics and Transportation Management
Machinery and Products for Recycling
Waste Operators
Products and Services for Energy Generation from Waste
Optical Sorters
Services for Landfills
Services for Construction and Demolition
Composting Systems, Technologies, and Equipment
Primary and Secondary Crushers
Basic Sanitation Technologies
Water Treatment Technologies
Sewage Treatment Technologies


Bring your company to be part of Waste Expo Brasil 2024. I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised by this great event. Information Email: simoneh(at)

Munich, Germany

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